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Decorating Your Sunrooms

As a homeowner with a sunroom you want to make it as wonderful and inviting as you possibly can.  For many, florida room hartford models have different styles that you can use to generate a fun and inviting room.  To begin with, you want to first clear your room of everything and start with a clean slate.


The first thing that you will want to consider are shades.  Now, the purpose of a sunroom is to allow the sun into the room and illuminate the space.  However, there are going to be times when you just want to get some additional privacy or perhaps the sun is just too blinding that you need something to reflect the heat.  This is why adding some additional shades or shading system like blinds will work so well.


The next thing that you want to do is sketch out your layout.  When you create a layout, you can easily use pieces of paper to represent pieces and parts of the room compared to dragging in and out heavy pieces of furniture.

When designing your layout, it is a good idea that you make enough room to walk around and even get behind some pieces of furniture.  You will also want to determine when the sun will be at its strongest during the day so that you are not sitting somewhere with the sun beating down on you.

florida room hartford


When creating your sunroom consider the colors that you will use.  To begin with you might want to start with some light Earth Tones such as light browns.  These can be your base colors for your room.  From there you want to add some colors.  If you start with the browns, you have a base that can easily be changed out for the seasons as well.  For most people red, yellow, blue and black are common colors.  Adding a splash of red will also add a little kick to your room’s design.