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How to Tell When a Tooth Needs Extraction

There is a reason why you have to worry about a tooth getting infected. When a tooth has an infection, it can get so bad that the pain in your mouth becomes unbearable. It is vital that you make sure that you are not letting such a condition get too far. You have to take care of the problem as soon as possible. Visit your dentist for a dental x ray chester and ensure that you get the proper treatment you need.

The issue with infections is that it does not take very long for something to spread in your mouth and gums. Even if the infection is only as the result of bacteria on a single tooth, it can easily spread to your gums and other teeth. Then you could be looking at a situation where you have to get rid of several teeth, which is not what you will want.

Losing a single tooth is not pleasant, and no one wants to go through such an experience. But you have to face reality in some moments. Even though you do not want to lose that tooth, you may have no choice. If you are in so much pain that you are not able to eat properly or even go about your day, then you have to get the tooth extracted.

dental x ray chester

You will go to your dentist, they will extract the tooth safely, and they will ensure no infection has spread to your gums or other teeth. It is so important that you let your dentist give you an x-ray and other tests. Then you can talk about getting dental implants to cover up the tooth that is missing.

The reason why implants are the way to go is because they are going to stay in place for decades.